It is the mission of Oakland Unity High School (Unity) to prepare its students for admission to and success in college. Unity offers a rigorous curriculum that meets the University of California A-G requirements, with an emphasis on basic skills and core subject matter in English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, and a comprehensive support program that promotes healthy youth development, including preparing the students to apply their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community and environment.

The School

Oakland Unity High School is a high expectation school with a safe environment, rigorous curriculum, and intensive supports that are responsive to the individual needs of students and allow them to achieve academic success and positive social and cultural development.

Unity was founded in 2003 as an independent charter high school open to all students in Oakland and serves 350 9th-12th graders for the current school year: 89% Latinos, 10% African Americans, and 1% others. Over 80% of Unity students qualify for free or reduced price lunch on the basis of family income level and a majority of students come from immigrant families whose home language is not English. Poverty, unsafe neighborhoods, as well as lack of familiarity with American public schools and college entrance requirements are some of the barriers our students face.

All students are offered a curriculum that allows every graduate to meet the University of California A-G requirements. Furthermore, Unity students are assigned advisors from the teaching staff who serve as student and family advocates and mentor students towards graduation and college admission. Learning experiences both within and outside of the classroom allow students to achieve their leadership and academic potential and become creative critical thinkers, compassionate human beings, and effective participants in a multicultural democratic society.