Board of Directors

Gerald Eisman, Chair

Gerald S. Eisman, (Ph.D. Mathematics, UC Berkeley, 1977) is a retired Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics from San Francisco State University where he served as the Chair of the Department of Computer Science for nine years in the 1990s and later as the Director of the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. In his later years he served as Mathematics instructor in Metro Academy, a cohort learning program for underrepresented minority students.

Mario Rivas, Vice Chair

Mr. Rivas is a retired faculty member at Merritt College. During this tenure, he also served as the Academic Senate President. Mr. Rivas received his B.A. from CSU East Bay, M.A. from SF State U, and Ph.D. from University of Minnesota. Mr. Rivas is a native Oaklander.

Randy Jordan, Treasurer

Mr.Jordan is a Coast Guardsman. He manages the business and financial function of the Coast Guard Station in Alameda. Mr. Jordan is a resident of Alameda.

Blake Olvera, Secretary

Mr. Olvera is the representative selected by staff to serve on the board. He is a Bay Area born Latinx educator who currently teaches 10th Grade Modern World History at Unity High School. Previously, he has also taught Government, Economics, Geography, and U.S. History in Texas and the United Kingdom. Blake’s educational beliefs of equity and social justice have led him to establish a curriculum design in student growth, community engagement, and global civics.Mr. Olvera received his B.A. from Baylor University.

Edward Opton

Mr. Opton is Of Counsel at the National Center for Youth Law. Previously, he served as University Counsel at University of California. Mr. Opton received his B.A. from Yale University, Ph.D. from Duke University, and J.D. from University of California at Berkeley. He currently resides in Berkeley.

Lilia Chavez

 Dr. Chavez has served as Vice President of Student Services at Merritt College.