Information Technology & Digital Media Academy

Information Technology and Digital Media Pathway

Industry Sector: Information and Communications Technology

Our mission is for Oakland Unity students to become empowered, 21st-century professionals who can problem solve, advocate for themselves, and enrich their community. The Unity Pathway of Information Technology and Digital Media will offer technical training on digital literacy, computer coding, and digital arts and design, with technical certification opportunities upon completion of sequence. The pathway also offers field trips to leading technology companies and Bay Area universities, internship opportunities and more.


Key Pathway Features

Rigorous Academics: Students graduate from OUHS having fulfilled the A-G requirements for entrance to and success in the Universities of California and California State Universities.

Career Technical Education: OUHS offers a technical education in Computer Science and Digital Media in order to foster innovation and provides students with the necessary skillset to excel in a 21st century technologically focused profession.

2023-24 Course Sequence:

  • 10th Grade: Exploring Computer Science
  • 11th Grade:
    • Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science Principles
  • 12th Grade:
    • Introduction to Information Technology (Certification course)
    • Introduction to Film & Digital Media

Learning through Internship Program

Work Based Learning Experiences: OUHS will provide scaffolded and sequenced work-based learning experiences for all students including guest speakers, job shadowing, field trips, and opportunities for IT certifications.

Strong Student Supports: There are systems in place that support students’ academic, social and emotional needs. The OUHS community supports students in developing exceptional study skills, setting graduation goals and planning for college and career. Students graduate from OUHS as highly functioning citizens, prepared to contribute to the global community.