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Linda Chung

Math Teacher / Advisor to the Class of 2013

Linda N. Chung

Dedicated to passionate and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong understanding of Mathematics.

This is my fourth year teaching Math and third year here at Unity. I completed most of my education just a few miles from Unity and I grew up in the same neighborhoods that your kids have. My primary and secondary schooling were completed in Alameda and my collegiate pursuits all at local Universities as well. For as far back as I can remember I have wanted to be a teacher. Even while I was serving our country in the Armed Forces through my high school and college years, my passion has been consistently pulling me in the direction of helping people learn the necessary skills to be better versions of themselves. I began putting together my aptitude to do that efficiently at the University of California, Berkeley, with my undergraduate studies focused on Mathematics, the most struggled with subject, though indisputably imperative. I further sharpened my capabilities at Cal State-East Bay by pursuing a Masters Degree and a teaching credential to turn my dream into a realizable practice.

I’ve learned over the years that Math can be a fundamental differential in one’s capacity to succeed in life. I’m not just talking about if one can pursue higher education in Math or even be at an advanced level, but if one can acquire the logical judgment ability that enables one to practice math, than that same person can use the equivalent logic to make calculated decisions to pursue a superior life.

I have been the acting advisor for a group of 21 wonderful Unity students for the past two years. As we head into our third year together, and as they mature into juniors, we are beginning to work on key elements within their academic repertoire that will help prepare them for the rigors of college and the post high school workforce. My goal has always been to instill within them the logistical calculative ability where mathematics find its foundation, in order to give them the ability to look at problems as though they all have a solution that is just waiting to be found. In life, just like in math, problems often seem insurmountable and beyond our scope of immediate recall and intelligence, but if we work diligently to understand the problem, there is always a solution, and this ability can help them in college, in love, in life and beyond.

Linda N. Chung

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