Mission, Vision, & Values

It is the mission of Oakland Unity High School (Unity) to prepare its students for admission to and success in college. Unity offers a rigorous curriculum that meets the University of California A-G requirements, with an emphasis on basic skills and core subject matter in English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, and a comprehensive support program that promotes healthy youth development, including preparing the students to apply their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community and environment.


Our Vision:


Oakland Unity High School will be a small school with 450 students, where all acquire the core skills necessary for academic and career success, where students will develop life long professional skills, where they have a high school experience that is rich, enjoyable, and memorable, where graduates acquire meaningful jobs/careers and achieve outcomes that effect economic upward mobility and socio-economic change.


Our vision also includes a school with dedicated staff who enjoy their work, where teacher voices are valued, and where they are supported to develop their craft as educators and leaders. We want to empower our teachers to focus on our students, understand students’ challenges, implement targeted programs and interventions, and use data inquiry to inform their work.


We will maintain a school environment that is safe and conducive to instruction and learning, where staff and students respect each other, celebrate diversity, and are willing to provide support to each other.


Our Values:

Kindness, Respect, and Determination

La misión de Unity High School (Oakland) es preparar a sus estudiantes para la admisión y el éxito en la universidad. Unity ofrece un currículum riguroso que satisface los requisitos de la Universidad de California A-G, con énfasis en las habilidades básicas y temas básicos en las artes del idioma inglés, las matemáticas, los estudios sociales y la ciencia, y un programa integral de apoyo que promueve el desarrollo saludable de los jóvenes, incluyendo la preparación de los estudiantes para aplicar sus conocimientos y habilidades en beneficio de la comunidad y el medio ambiente.

Nuestros valores clave son…

Bondad, Respeto, y Determinación



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