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Mr. Castillo raising funds for OUHS sports programs

Mr. Castillo has recently committed to a six-hour solo mountain bike race. Needing some serious motivation, he has decided to turn the race into a fundraiser for the sports programs at Oakland Unity High School. Unity currently run the following programs:

Girls Volleyball
Girls Soccer
Girls Basketball
Co-Ed Cross Country
Boys Baseball
Boys Basketball
Boys Soccer

Based on past experience, Mr. Castillo expects to complete 40-50 miles. The donation levels are as follows:

The Golden Condor – $5 per mile
The Soaring Eagle – $3 per mile
The Precious Pigeon- $1 per mile
The Spare-Change Sparrow – whatever you can give!

All donations are tax deductible, and will go directly towards supporting equipment, uniforms, awards, etc. for our sports programs. Mr. Castillo was a high school athlete, and believe that athletics have the power to keep students engaged while teaching discipline and teamwork. Please send him an email if you are willing to commit, and he will sign you up and send donation details directly to you after the race (November 12, 2011).

You can follow his progress here:

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