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510-635-7170 Ranked #56 out of 2185 California High Schools

Oakland Unity High School represents at the Khan Academy Learn Storm Finals!

73,000 students from Northern California participated in the Khan Academy Learn Storm event – watching math videos, working on exercises and demonstrating the grit to struggle through challenging material. Khan analyzed the work of these students and invited the 300 most determined students to their celebration event on Saturday, May 9. Twelve students from Oakland Unity were included in this elite group.

Oakland Unity is proud of its Khan “mathletes” and is dedicated to maintaining the academic environment that encourages all students to take pride in their ability to work hard and keep going, especially when challenging problems cause other students to quit.

Based on the efforts of our Mathletes, Unity won a $13,000 technology grant from Google for a laptop cart and classroom set of 30 new Chromebooks. Let’s hear it for true grit!

LearnStorm Group Shot

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