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OUHS juniors raise funds for AP Spanish exams

OUHS juniors raise funds for AP Spanish exams

By Rogelio Barraza (Class of ’13)

Unity’s AP Spanish class is fundraising money to cover the cost of the 50-dollar AP tests that are to be taken in mid May. Spanish teacher, Ms. Cedillos, has divided up the class into groups with each group doing its own fundraising ideas to raise money. Each group, on average, has 4 members. Since each of the students’ tests cost $50, groups are supposed to make around $200.

Some groups have decided to hold movie nights after school; others have done lunch sales, sold ice cream, and even breakfast. So far, it’s gone well. One group has actually already covered their costs to pay for each of its team members. Others are still in progress. This past Thursday one group will had a dance after school.

Cedillos is hopeful everything will go well and all of her students will have enough money so they won’t have to spend a cent. She’ll be watching progress and assisting any teams with their fundraising. “I’m really proud of the students who have organized and carried out these events. This year, our students are more organized, and I’m confident they will be able to have their AP Spanish Test fee covered, ” she says.

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