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510-635-7170 Ranked #56 out of 2185 California High Schools

Peter McIntosh


I moved frequently growing up, with stops in upstate New York, Chicago and the New York City suburbs. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Administration from Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. I worked my way through school with jobs such as golf caddy, bus boy, waiter, cab driver, shoe shiner and clothing salesman in a fancy men’s shop. My business career included Ford Motor Company in Detroit where I analyzed the costs to engineer and manufacture new car models, Price Waterhouse in Boston and New York where I helped large banks and brokerage firms improve their computer systems and operational efficiency, and Charles Schwab in San Francisco where I managed staff who answered phone calls, opened new accounts and solved customer problems.

For two years, I worked for Oakland schools at the College Preparatory & Architecture Academy and the Castlemont Business & Information Technology High School. My wife and I have two children. In my spare time I spend time with my family, grade math papers and play golf.

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