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On Blended Learning
Unity is an early adopter of Blended Learning and has garnered much interest in the education community. The following are videos and articles showcasing Unity on how Blended Learning can be used in schools.

BBC Click video

Clayton Christensen Institute case study

Khan Academy video

Khan Academy case study

Edutopia video

Unity presentation at CCSA 2012 Conference

Getting Smart blog 1

Getting Smart blog 2

Getting Smart blog 3

Getting Smart blog 4

Unity students on three-day Southern Sojourn
March 12, 2013 San Jose Mercury
Unity junior, Erin McGee, visited Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, on an education field trip sponsored by Oakland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center and Representative Barbara Lee.

CCSA’s Portrait of the Movement report features Unity High
February 23, 2011, California Charter School Association
The Portrait of the Movement report reviews charter school performance across California and provides a tool to press for greater accountability for low-performing charter schools. Oakland Unity High School is featured as the “low status / high growth” school. OUHS is featured on page 49 of the full report.

Unity in the SF Chronicle
February 14, 2011, SFGate
The article describes an inspiring visit from The Alliance for Climate Education to Unity High on Friday, Feb 10th.

Dave Eggers mentions Unity High on KQED Radio
July 28, 2010, KQED Radio
The KQED Radio program “Forum” interviewed author Dave Eggers about the ScholarMatch program, through which several Unity students have received sponsorship to attend college. Unity is mentioned several times during the story (@ minute 3:00 and 18:55). Listen to the full story here.

Unity brings news from Oakland to Washington D.C.
June 2010, MacArthur METRO
The MacArthur METRO newspaper featured Unity students Nelly Flores and Jose Magallon, and English teacher Ms. Grant in Washington D.C., showing off their pride in the local paper.

CCSA features Unity’s “Data-Driven Culture” and use of ZOOM! Data Source
May 2010, California Charter School Association

Unity featured in KPIX Ch. 5 segment on a Stanford Study on Charter Schools
June 16, 2009, KPIX

Unity grads survive first year of college, give advice to rising seniors
June 3, 2009, Oaktown Teen Times

Enhancing Arts Education on a Tight Budget
April 4, 2009, California Charter School Association
Featured Educator: Jamie Treacy, Oakland Unity High Art Teacher

Unity Places 3rd at Hip Hop Chess Federation Invitational
October 15, 2007, Unity Chess Club Plays Well at the HHCF The Unity High Chess Club more than held their own at the inaugural Hip Hop Chess Federation ( Invitational. The HHCF’s mission is to connect the worlds of hip-hop, martial arts, and chess; to demystify preconceived stereotypes about all of these pursuits; and to reach youth through these avenues. Five teams from Oakland, SF, and San Jose competed with the Unity squad placing third. Strong showings were exhibited by Jestin Ryles, Roman Barry, Alfredo Moran, and Martin Rochin.
See also: Inside Bay Area video report

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