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510-635-7170 Ranked #56 out of 2185 California High Schools

Spirit Week-10/29-11/2

  • Monday: Class Pride,( students wear their class color), One hour lunch with music . Activity will be tug of war
  • Tuesday: Multiplicity Day, One hour lunch. Activity will be spoon egg race
  • Wednesday: Halloween Dress day / Nerd Day, Advisory activity; “who am I? “
  • Thursday: Gender Bender/ Backwards day; One hour lunch. (activity to be determined)
  • Friday: Sports Day; all-school lunch with music. (after Dio de los Muertos assembly) Activity Staff v. Students handball game.
**Please note that there will be one hour all school lunches on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and a 30 minute all-school lunch during L2 on Friday (after the Dio de los Muertos assembly).  The assembly will take place in the auditorium during L1 on Friday.
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