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510-635-7170 Ranked #56 out of 2185 California High Schools

The White Tigers roar into BACSAC Men's Soccer Championship Game!

Congratulations to all Unity High men’s soccer players for making it to the championship game. The Unity soccer team headed to finals after an impressive win vs LPS Hayward in the semi-finals, scoring 3-0, and making their first goal after just 2 minutes into the game. The first goal was made by 11th grader Nick Rodriguez, the second goal made by 11th grader Juan Del Toro, and the 3rd goal made by senior Elmer Cruz. This season has been a good season for the whole team and new coach aboard, Julian Michel. The team has come very far this year by making it to the championship since last year they didn’t have such luck and were quickly eliminated by LPS Hayward in the quarter finals.They’ve had 9 wins in total and just 3 losses. Two of those losses were to LPS Richmond. Both Richmond and Unity are great teams, but like they say, “third time’s the charm!” Let’s go Tigers!

By Carolina Burciaga

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